Mate's Limit Order Tutorial

To begin using the Mate's Limit Order, first, connect to your Metamask or use WalletConnect to connect to your wallet.

Step 1: Choose which token to swap

Next, choose the token you want to swap.
You can pick and select any BEP20 tokens by pasting their token address into the field. The balance will display your token balance within your wallet.
The token is sorted descending based on your wallet balance.
You can click MAX to trade your entire balance.
If you have active limit orders, you can click on the (?) to see the available balance that you can use for opening another limit order.
Although Mate is non-custodial, you cannot open limit orders without having sufficient balance for your next limit order.

Step 2: Choose the token you want to receive

Choose the token you want to receive. Again, you can either paste the address or choose from the list.

Step 3: Choose your rate

This field will appear empty by default until you click the current rate OR input your desired rate. ‌
The order will always get executed at the best possible rate, which is minimum at the rate you specify and higher.
Switching your token selection will update the UI accordingly.
For example, 'Per 1 USDT' will be displayed as 'Per 1 MATE' if you change it to MATE.

Current Rate

As long as there is liquidity from AMMs, the current rate's field will fetch the price data from the AMMs.
Since we are primarily sourcing liquidity from Pancakeswap, the current rate will use the Pancakeswap swap price as a reference. Using Mate will allow you to change the swap price for your orders, while Pancakeswap does not allow you to change your order prices.
By clicking on the 'Current Rate', it will autofill the field with the current price. You can type in any price rate you want to exchange for or pick a price close to the current rate for the fastest execution time

Step 5. Authorize tokens


4. Expiration

You can change how long the limit order should remain until it expires.
The available options are 1D, 3D, 7D, and 30D.
When the time limit ends, your pending limit order needs to be canceled manually, and the fee will be returned to you.
This refund does not include network gas fees. Soon this feature will be an automated one.

5. Placing Order

Once you have checked everything, click 'Place Order'. A pop-up will appear for you to verify your order. Click 'Place Limit Order' to confirm.
And that’s it! You’ve successfully placed a limit order with Mate. Easier than you expected, right?