Team & Goal

The Who and Why?‌

Mate is made of team members across all time zones with the vision to create the best trading experience beyond CEX. The team comprises product designers, researchers, smart contract developers, strategists, and marketers.‌

Our goal is to help traders like you win every trade instead of losing due to unpredictable price impacts. Although not every trade is a winning trade, paying above the market rate in addition to high slippages to enter a trade is never sustainable.‌

Why stay Pseudo-anonymous?

Rather than judging the characters behind the work, we prefer to showcase the benefit through our code and product. By having a team that operates pseudo-anonymously, we can give 100% focus on bringing the best product to MATE holders.‌

Being pseudo-anonymous doesn't mean we are not reachable. Our Discord and Telegram is always open for anyone to ask questions or chat with the core team members.

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