🏛️ Governance

Governance behind MATE

The MATE's governance model evolves around the community holders who participate in the governance proposal and discussion.
The current MATE's model and functionalities are never constant as the community can start proposals to modify the Mate's ecosystem.

Can anyone submit a governance proposal?

Yes. Any member of the Mate community is welcome to submit a proposal.

How can a proposal be pushed to a vote?

If a proposal gathers enough community interest, enthusiasm and engagement, it is then reviewed by the core team. If approved, a formal vote can be submitted here.

Do I have to pay gas to vote?

No, it’s completely free.

How is my voting power calculated?

MATE-BNB pair: 1 MATE in the pool = 2 MATE.
xMATE (staked MATE): Your voting power = the number of staked MATE (it will change over time as your MATE balance grows).